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Welcome to Show Me Doodles, where our passion is raising unique doodle puppies for sale in a home environment, prioritizing socialization, and health testing. Our commitment to excellence has fueled our growth since 2017. We're excited to share our love for doodles with you - explore our site to learn more.

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At Show Me Doodles, we've mastered the art of breeding high-quality and healthy puppies since opening in 2017. Our commitment to exceptional breeding and puppies for sale care has made us a top choice for doodle puppy for sale  enthusiasts in St. Louis, MO.  Contact us today to see how we can find you the perfect puppy for sale.

Cavapoo Puppies for sale in St. Louis, MO

At Show Me Doodles, we take pride in the meticulous care and attention we extend towards each puppy that is born under our watch. From the moment they arrive, these puppies become integral members of our household, embraced by our extensive family network. We are committed to raising our doodle puppies for sale with unwavering kindness and compassion, ensuring they receive the love and nurturing required to thrive. It’s not just our family that showers them with affection; our friends, family, and even our personal pets contribute to their upbringing, playing the role of fur nannies. As a result, your future companion is not only well-versed in canine and human etiquette but is also eagerly awaiting to become a cherished addition to your home.

Toy Poodle puppies for sale in St. Louis, MO

Our Story

Doodle Review

Allyson Landon

Excellent! Easy to work with. Answered all my questions. Didn’t hesitate to get me any information I requested. I picked up our toy poodle from their house. It was clean and all dogs looked well cared for and like members of their family. I asked to stay in touch, as I will try breeding when my two are old enough- for advice- she didn’t have an issue. Very friendly lady. Very knowledgeable. If you need a puppy, I would recommend “Show Me Doodles”!

What Puppy Buyers are Saying.....

Cavapoo Puppies

Cierra James

I just brought home my cavapoo puppy Mocha and she is the sweetest. You can tell that these puppies are raised in a loving environment from the start because they are just so sweet and love cuddles. I was also impressed that when I brought her home the first think she did was go to the bathroom on the potty pad. I was so excited . I k ow this won't be the case eventide until I get her trained but I was still so happy see that the foundation was there so that I can start to build on it. Edy was great and Show Me Doodles is a great place if you looking to bring a new pup in your life.

Toy Poodle Puppy Review

M. Wilson

Previous name Buddy current know as Houston. I recently got a mini Goldendoodle from here 3/28/23. He is 12 weeks and has already had 2 rounds of vaccines. The process was extremely easy, Edy responded quickly and met me at the airport with all paperwork as well as him. I highly recommend tis Breeder for future puppy parents. He’s definitely warming up and working on potty training and crate training. Super smart & cute and lovvvvvves to eat.

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