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Stud Dog Services

About Us

At Show Me Doodles, we take pride in the meticulous care and attention we extend to each puppy for sale that is born under our watch. From the moment they arrive, these puppies for sale become integral members of our household, embraced by our extensive family network. We are committed to raising our doodle puppies for sale with unwavering kindness and compassion, ensuring they receive the love and nurturing required to thrive. It’s not just our family that showers them with affection; our friends, family, and even our personal pets contribute to their upbringing, playing the role of fur nannies. As a result, your future companion is not only well-versed in canine and human etiquette but is also eagerly awaiting to become a cherished addition to your home.​Show Me Doodles have encountered their fair share of challenges when navigating the complexities of purchasing puppies online.


Their experiences raised several pertinent questions:

How can one distinguish reputable breeders from the rest?

Are there concerns that the puppy for sale might have originated from a less scrupulous environment, such as a puppy mill?

Does the puppy for sale benefit from a comprehensive socialization program akin to ours?

What justifies the price discrepancy between seemingly similar puppies?


     Motivated by these challenges, Show Me Doodles were resolute in their decision to refine this process, ensuring it is straightforward, informative, and epitomizes professionalism for families in pursuit of an exceptional pet. Thus, Show Me Doodles was conceived. The Show Me Doodle Distinction: Our emphasis on family rearing guarantees that our doodle puppies for sale integrate seamlessly into your home environment. We staunchly oppose inbreeding practices, significantly reducing the likelihood of genetic ailments. In fact, we are so confident in the health of our puppies that we offer a 12-month health guarantee against serious genetic illnesses.


     We engage in Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) from as early as two days old, facilitating superior brain development in our puppies. Our meticulous personality testing ensures a harmonious match with your family dynamics, promising a perfect companion. We also understand the anticipation and excitement that comes with awaiting your new puppy.


     To keep you connected, we provide regular updates on their progress through photographs and videos shared on our Facebook page. Our thorough preparation process includes initiating potty training, conditioning for chew toys and crates, leash training, and extensive socialization. As part of their social development, we also manage their initial clipping and grooming session.


     Beyond the sale of puppies, we are devoted to supporting our clients throughout their dog’s life. Offering guidance during the critical early stages of puppyhood, we lay the foundation for a well-adjusted, joyful canine companion. Likewise, we support our owners throughout the life of their dog. Equally important, we provide guidance to get their crucial early puppyhood period right, setting a strong foundation for a well-balanced, happy dog for you throughout its life.


     Moreover, Show Me Doodles is proud to offer canine stud services, ensuring access to top-quality breeding options for those looking to embark on their own breeding journey with confidence and support from seasoned professionals. 


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